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How to Join a Zero Broker Split Brokerage

There are practically countless real estate brokers scattered around the United States today. They will usually take at least 30% of their agents’ commissions to run their business and, of course, to pump up their profits. If you’re an agent seeking greater financial and career freedom in the real estate industry, explore brokerages that let you pocket most or even all of your money. Absolutely, the firms are for real and they have benefited many with their groundbreaking approach.

So how do you join one of these brokerages? As you might expect, the process can be unique for each firm, but more or less, this will probably be the flow:

Selecting a Plan

First off, you will have to choose a plan that you feel is most right for you. If you’re a newbie, you should consider taking one of the least expensive options so you can save cash if you fall short of sales target.

If you’re an experienced agent, on the other hand, a pricier plan will offer you savings on all closed transactions, thus increasing your total earnings. Sometimes, you may not find an option that makes perfect sense. In such a case, most brokerages will let you present your own deal. What this means is that you have more room to grab more gainful opportunities. Be sure to see more here!

Adding Licensing and Contact Details

Here, you simply add your name and professional license number. If you don’t already have a number, make it a point to get one. It’s another easy process, though not that quick. On top of that, you have to enter your contact information, specifically your phone number and email address, so you can receive a confirmation of your acceptance. Double-check if the information you have added is current. You may further read about real estate, visit

Answering More Questions

The brokerage you’re applying to will naturally want more information about you. You have to answer more questions and you need to answer them honestly. For instance, they may ask you about the realtor organization you are associated with. If you don’t belong to any realtor group, you can still be accepted into the brokerage but you have make a promise that you will join one in the near future. And even if you pick or have joined an organization that the brokerage isn’t part of, it will not be an issue. Learn How to Join a Zero Broker Split Real Estate Firm here!

Reading the Rules

Finally, you have to review the brokerage’ rules and policies and express your agreement. The moment you’ve ticked the “I Agree” box, the process is done. Then you just need to wait for a response from the firm.

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